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We are a graphic design studio in San Gabriel, CA consist of creative web design team. When your business needs a new website design, Hanada Design can help you succeed online.

We offer wide range of graphic design and printing service so you can take advantage of our professional work. What ever your needs, from flyer, brochures, postcard, banners, and more. We have the solution.

Our professional photo and video services are setup to help show case your products to potential and existing clients. Our customers range from online retailers, to distributors, manufacturers and retailers

  The Brief Hanada Design staff will communicate with you in person or email. This provides us with the essential information about your business, your products or services and your company belief, as well as a detailed brief to make sure the focus remains on what is required.
  Initial Designs When we receive your response, we will confirm in writing the quotation and start designing your artwork after 50% deposit of the total invoice received. Depending on the job, it is mostly often done by creating some rough drafts on the computer, and email them to you in JPEG format for you to view and evaluate.
  Send and Review Once you review the design, you will contact us with your opinions on the design. Usually one or two concepts will be developed, refining certain elements such as color and typography. If you think that the designs submitted are not right for development, further new ideas can be created and resubmitted. Our team will make sure you are satisfied with the final look and feel of the artwork.
  Payment Hanada Desgin offer a range of payment methods from traditional cash or business check. Once payment is received, we will deliver all artwork.
  Final Output Once the design(s) have been signed off they will be provided to you by email in the most common file types, which are .eps .pdf and .jpeg, plus most software specific files. Our file format includes other formats at your request. We can also upload all files on to customer’s USB drive or Dropbox if required.
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